Improve Ads with Campaign Optimization

Improve Ads with Campaign Optimization

Improve Ads with Campaign Optimization

Today we are gonna learn about Campaign Optimization and how it becomes more SEO friendly. Once your campaign is up and running there are 3 main areas which should be optimized on a regular basis to improve your quality score, reach and ad rank. Constantly monitor these three key areas to make your campaigns effective and budget-friendly;

  1. Ad targeting

An ads success or failure can only be determined once it goes live. The ad may be leaking your money targeting irrelevant people or it might be not shown during peak hours. You can only speculate that the keywords you use are the ones which your customers search for. Fortunately, AdWords allows users to change targeting options even after the ad has gone live.

  1. Ad Copy

After selecting the right audience for your campaign, the next objective is to keep improving on your ad copy. The preliminary drafts might have been written perfectly, but it needs to be constantly updated to keep your ad performing high. Test several copies and find out the best one for your customers.

  1. Landing pages

This is the last ingredient for a perfect campaign. The landing page is what converts a lead into a sale. Usually, we make a custom page catered for the particular ad. But keep in mind that all three of these ingredients must be present to make the ad run smoothly. This, in turn, will also help improve the quality score for a particular ad.

Click on below links to deeply understand Google AdWords Tutorial:-



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