Campaign tracking and budgeting

Campaign tracking and budgeting

Campaign Tracking and Budgeting

In this blog, we will cover campaign tracking and budgeting.

AdWords is a great platform for data retrieval and reporting, AdWords has many inbuilt reporting matrices that display data based on several KPI’s. Campaign effectiveness can be traced from these reports and also based on the real world results generate form the ads.

However, the best way to track your campaigns is to integrate your AdWords account with analytics. It will also help in getting crucial customer data and even gather data on landing page effectiveness by detecting errors.

Budgeting for AdWords can be very different from business to business and individual to individual. It also depends on the strategy the business is trying to bring forward.

Here are the three steps which we recommend to find the best budget for your AdWords campaigns

  1. Establishing your initial AdWords budget.

These 4 question come to mind when you are planning your initial budget

  • Where do I rank AdWords in my current strategy?
  • What my competition is doing/spending?
  • What is the CPC for my keywords?
  • Which KPI’s are the most important to my business?
  1. Allocating spend on campaigns

You should allocate spending based on your keyword listings, find out the ones which bring in more traffic and emphasize those keywords. Try to find what the competitors keywords are and actively bid for their keywords. A/B testing can help to some extent but you should always diversify your spending based on audience types and also acquire new customers. Focus majority of your spending on high intent keywords which trigger lead generation and conversion.

  1. Budgeting for other ad types

Now, display ads can be a lifesaver for many businesses especially for e-commerce as the help target people who have similar interests. They will display ads in channels where the customer actively browses through.

Remarketing can be another factor. If you want to retain customers or simply want to target people who come to your site again, this technique can be very helpful. If Remarketing lists are always available at your disposal, why not use it?


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