Google AdWords tutorial step by step to your first campaign

Google AdWords Tutorial

Google AdWords tutorial step by step to your first campaign


Hi Dear all,

Today we will talk about Google AdWords Tutorial. First of all, what is Google AdWords? whenever we search on Google we all see in top four Ads in search results. When an ad comes? When an advertiser wants to rank on a particular keyword to target the right audience with paid marketing. For example, we search on Google 3 BHK flats in Delhi we will see a lot of search result but in the top four result and three bottoms, we will see the ads. These ads are showing because advertiser targeted the keywords.

Why do we need to create ads? It helps to spread awareness about products or services that are of some use to a consumer and potential buyers. The main aim of advertising, many believe is to sell. … Advertising, on the whole, helps business as well as the economy to prosper and makes the consumer aware of the various choices that are available to him

So today we are going learn how to create Google AdWords Ads with Google AdWords tutorial. In this session, we will cover how to run these ads. Before publishing any ad we have to follow four steps:-

  1. Campaign
  2. Ads group
  3. Ad copies
  4. Billing setup for ad

After following this step your ads will start showing in search results. So let’s start with the campaign. Basically, we can create six (6) type of campaigns:-



  1. Search network only
  2. Display network only
  3. Search Network with Display select
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal app campaign

Let’s began with Search Network only:- What is search network only ads? When we search on Google for anything and advertiser is targeting the particular keyword which you are searching for you will see the ads this is known as Search network only ads.

Display network only:- We create a clickable photo with some keywords that’s call Display network only.

Search Network with Display select:- This is the mixture of both campaigns. We can create more attractive ads and get more traffic.

Shopping:- Basically it’s for e-commerce sites. To advertise any product for sale we use shopping ads to get more ­ acquisition.

Video:- Most of time video ads created for branding to promote your brand on the higher level. It’s more useful than other ads.

Universal app campaign:- App campaign as its name shows we create ads for Apps. When peoples open their app we see an ad that is called Universal app campaign.


Ads Group

Ads group is the category which you want to promote via ad with the similar keywords for the particular product.

Ads copies

Now, this is the most important thing in Google ad because this will display as ads. It should be more attractive and easy to understand. Your headline 1 should be short but they should be showing a message and headline 2 you can give any offer. Give a short description to understand why they should visit on your website and what they will get after visiting on your website.

Billing set up

Click the gear icon and choose Billing & payments. Go to Billing. Click Payment methods from the menu on the left. Find the appropriate payment method and click Edit. Enter your updated information. Click Save when you’re done.

Click on below links to deeply understand Google AdWords Tutorial:-

This is basic Google AdWords tutorial. Hope you guys understand the whole concept please comment if any query. I will solve your query for sure.

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