Successful Ads targeting and bidding

Successful Ads targeting and bidding

Successful Ads targeting and bidding


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Today we will talk about successful Ads targeting biding on AdWords. As I already mentioned about Google AdWords in my previous articles.


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I hope you have learned many things and you like my articles.


So let’s start with Successful Ads targeting and bidding


In order to run a successful AdWords campaign, you need to show it to the right people at the right time for the ad to be successful. AdWords lets marketers use different targeting options based on their needs.


  1. For Google Search Network
  • Keyword Targeting- Choose highly relevant keywords for your ads and target people who use the keywords on google search networks.
  • Location and language Targeting- Choose a specific location and language for which your ad will be shown to people who are in the specific location. This can be implemented at a campaign level
  • Device Targeting-Choosing a specific device you want to target your ads at
  • Audience Targeting- Choose a customer audience or a remarketing list to improve your chances of getting a conversion.


  1. For targeting on Googles Display Network
  • Keyword Targeting- Using words or phrases which are similar to your product or service to target relevant websites or videos with the help of “Content” keywords.
  • Topic Targeting- Select the topics for which you want your ad to be shown. One ad can be shown on multiple websites or pages about the topic.
  • Placement Targeting- Target specific websites which your customers might use. It does not require keywords. It can be an entire site or a specific subset of a site.
  • Audience Targeting- Identify people who visited your site before and create remarketing lists to drive them back to your site. Create lists by identifying affinity and in market audiences or target through custom intent audiences.
  • Location and language targeting- target people near to your physical location or within reach of your services with location targeting.
  • Device Targeting- Show display ads to a customer when they are visiting the website on a specific device.

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