Best Email Marketing Companies in 2018

email marketing companies

Best Email Marketing Companies

We have handpicked a list of some of the email marketing companies and why you need to know that they are selected. They are selected based on the niche and various segments that they have focused on.

1.    Mail Chimp

mailchimpThe greatest feature or the unique aspect which differentiates Mail Chimp from its competitors is that they provide free service up to 2000 subscribers which gives them a great edge. However, being on the free feature you would not be able to access the autoresponse feature.

The customer service comes out with 24/7 support email service and live chat features. Mail Chimp comes up with a great design interface which is another plus point for the small business owners because no one wants to look at an email which is too complex or boring in appearance. You need not be upset with the paid feature since it is charged for $10 monthly.


2.    Constant Contact

constant contactThey come up with two features which are Email and Email Plus.

Constant Contact is considered as a great tool that is easy to set up which provides convenience for the beginners. One need not be an expert to use the service since the controls are simplified. In other words, it is not rocket science.

They have bagged the award-winning customer service, local live education workshops and an extensive library of online resources in addition to their user-friendly software interface. They also provide a file storage space of 1 GB.

The drag and drop tools help you to write professional emails. It also helps you to organize contact lists with minimum effort.

It gives you the feature of a 60-day trial before selecting the platform which is not found in some of the best email marketing services. This also provides you ample amount of time to learn and understand the platform.

They offer affordable packages that provide a long list of features which is why they are a popular option for small business enterprises.


3.    Drip

dripWhat makes Drip unique from its competition is their marketing automation tools and list groups; which are considered as the most intelligent tools.

They provide a great support platform which includes live chat, webinars, training for automation and excellent documentation with free course guides.

They help to provide free trail until you hit up to 100 subscribers for your business.


4.    AWeber

AWeberAWeber customer service is phenomenal. They help you in giving out solutions with add-on online chat support, be it your unique business opportunity.

It comes out with five packages which range from $19 to $149. The best part about packages design which keeps AWeber stand out from the others is that these packages help you to access all the features.

AWeber is a good choice for targeting customers around for the specific emails that they get. You can target and retarget better while using this platform with the subscribers.

They provide a good segmenting feature. They have a better USP when it comes to driving your emails out of the spam folder by offering analysis for the ongoing content and provide scores which helps the users verify the results.


5.    Get Response

get responseGet Response helps you to see what is going on with the subscriber list. You can also get information on how many people opened up on a desktop or mobile views, the device that they use. They have a feature called Perfect Timing which tells you at what time of the day you will get better email response rate or open rate. They know at what time subscriber opens the email and will send the email based on that time. This helps to increase the open rates.

Get Response comes with a better user interface feature overall.


6.    Convert Kit

convert kitIt is a powerful email marketing platform which is used by marketers, authors, and bloggers. It is a more simplified platform for the users to send their emails to their subscribers.

Simplicity (as you check the subscriber list you are able to find a bar graph where is further classified into different colors where each color represents what course the subscriber comes from. This helps you to keep I tab with the subscribers)

Accurate statistics (by clicking the subscriber list you will be able to find details such as the number of visitors, subscribers and conversion rates. You are able to find the websites that drive in more subscribers)

Segmentation and tagging (You will be able to find open rates, click rates, the number of emails that have been sent and the number of users that have hit the un-subscription button. It is easy to observe the tags of the subscribers which helps in further segmentation)

Convert Kit plans are charged on an initial price of $29/month with a 30-day refund policy.


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