Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business

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I hope you all are doing well. So today we will talk about best email marketing services. It is my personal experience that email is most preferred marketing tool nowadays.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct form of marketing which is an online platform that helps the sender of a business firm to design and send out bulk messages to his or her mailing list of subscribers.

As per CBS Pulse report, Email Marketing is the ranked second most effective strategy after Word of Mouth where the former stands at 34% and the latter at 62%.


Why choosing the best email marketing service for small business is important?

When it comes to email marketing, choosing the best email marketing service is important so that one is able to identify which is the best service in terms of sending personalized messages and setting the right call to action button to get more subscribers to the list. It also helps you to analyze which one is least costly or cost-effective tool along with tracking the users.


Below mentioned are some of the best email marketing for small businesses:

  1. Mail Chimp

Ever since its inception in 2001, Mail Chimp has come out as the largest email marketing reputation. Helps to integrate WordPress, Shopify, Magneto and other e-commerce platforms.

Mail Chimp provides a good tacking option by Salesforce or Google Analytics. One can be able to set autoresponder for special events which are only available for the higher end option.

  1. Constant Contact

A simplified tool that can be used by any person from different backgrounds.

Constant Contact provides two packages which are Email and Email Plus.

The Email package offers 1 GB of storage that can be used by one user while Email Plus comes up with 2 GB that can be used by up to 10 users.

In terms of the package by choosing 6 months prepaid you will be getting 10% discount whereas 12 months prepaid gives you 15% discount. The price of the packages differ based on the subscriber list.

You can be able to conduct email surveys with the subscribers, but this feature is available only for those who have selected Email Plus package.


  1. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an all in one marketing platform which helps the user to create a personalized and targeted email within a few minutes.

An active Campaign is a good tool for someone that is engaged in being an online marketer and want more complexity and automation where you can geo-target users according to their local time zone

You have a goal feature helps you to remove the contact once they have achieved the goal target. By going to Goal Editor you can be able to set the name for it and select one of the conditions for it to understand the conversion. Therefore, once the subscriber fulfills the condition then it would be shown in the Goal Reporting tab that they have achieved it and the time they have taken.


  1. AWeber

It is another email marketing platform which allows 100,000 plus small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and send emails. It is considered as a premium marketing tool where you will find online businesses running on this platform. Helps in contact management, email quality control, more than 700 tested templates and a mobile-friendly feature. Comes up with monthly and annual plans.


  1. Get Response

This is a popular platform which is used by the large organization and comes customized in 21 different languages. They come out with fur packages which are Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise where they can be paid on a monthly or annual basis with better discounts. However, you need to keep in mind that Marketing automation comes with the basic feature for a low-end package; Email. You can be able to conduct webinars with the help of getting Response.


  1. Convert Kit

Simplicity matters; content creation is the blood of the business which keeps the business pumping and having a complex system will shift your focus from content creation to elsewhere. Convert Kit is able to provide that solution.

Convert Kit provides sequences, which are available all on one page, to edit and send the mail to the subscribers.

You can find the open rates, click rates, how many emails have been sent and how many have unsubscribed themselves out of the respective mails. A timing could be set up for sending the emails which are another great feature.

The ROI from Email Marketing service is usually higher than that. Convert Kit never charges you for multiple list subscribers. Multiple list subscribers are those which are available in more than one tag.

Provides a good support system for bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Hope you guys understand the whole concept please comment if any query. I will be happly to solve your query for sure. Do not forget to give your review.

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