Earn money with Adnow and Adnow Review

adnow review

Earn Money with Adnow and Adnow Review

Hi Dear all,

I hope you are doing well. So we will talk about how you can earn money with adnow and adnow review. If you spend time on the internet or if you have any interest on it then you can earn good money from Adnow. To earn money from it, you must have your own website (or free blog). How to create a blog in free If you are just starting now, you can use free blog network. For this, you can start with blogspot.com, wix.com, weebly.com. Of these, blogspot.com is the best one. Blogspot is okay for beginners but if you find this work okay, then you should create your own website soon.

How to make your website or blog for this, you first have to buy a preferred domain, which you can buy from GoDaddy or BigRock. After this, you will need to host this domain in a server for which you can go to a website like GoDaddy, BogRock or Hostgator. How to get the best hosting server. After hosting, you can install WordPress by posting a good theme and publish your post / article.


How to make money now with adnow

You can earn money from your website only if your article / post is read by the person, that means traffic to your website. Let’s assume your website is cross-traffic.

Adnow is an ad network in which it comes like Advertisement, Related Post, so many people click here. You get money by clicking. If there are 1000 people coming across your site everyday you can definitely make money from it. If 5000 people come daily, you can earn around $ 4- $ 6 per day (250 rupees to 400 rupees per day). Earnings will increase in the same proportion if you have more traffic.

How to become part of Adnow i.e. how to register

Registration in Adnow is very easy. Click here for you. After which the screen will come, the image below is filled, submit it and submit it.

  • Confirmation will come across your mail, confirm and log in.
  • Now you can click on Sites and then on the Add Site.
  • Fill all the details from your website or blog here and click Add cross (image is given below).
  • Now wait for a day or two (sometimes it takes 7 days).
  • Your request will be approved by Adnow.
  • After the site is approved, it will be written under the status Active.
  • Click here on the website and then add a widget.
  • Adjust the option according to the left side on your side.
  • Then copy the code by clicking on HTML Cross and paste it on your website (where you want to display Ads).

How to get money from Adnow

Three ways to get money from this is Famous – PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney But for India, Paypal is the best and less chargeable, so adopt PayPal, which will bring money directly into your bank account.

To get money from PayPal from Adnow, at least $ 50 should be the Balance of your Adnow account, which happens very quickly. Payment is paid weekly.

What’s Better in Adnow and Google Adsense

It is difficult to say which is better because it changes the person to person. But we are giving you some special features that will make you different from them –

Approval in Adnow is very easy and soon your account works, while Google Adsense takes a lot of time and most accounts are not accepted.

At $ 50 less than work at Adnow (PayPal) minimum PayOut while Google Adsense is $ 100.

Google Adsense is more reliable than Adnow.

Hope you guys understand the whole concept please comment if any query. I will solve your query for sure. Do not forget to give your review.

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