How to Install WordPress Plugins !Support of website!

Install WordPress plugins



Hey dear Reader, today I am gonna to talk about Install of WordPress Plugins. So let’s start from starting. I mean what is WordPress plugins and how to install Plugins and what so ever.

What is Plugins?

Plugins are the support tool for your website it makes very easy way to connect with the audience or find anything easily. Basically, plugins are the support for the website but too many plugins make your website slow. I would recommend you please do not install unnecessary plugins.

How to install WordPress Plugins?

Open your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins – click on add new and search for your plugins which you want according to your need.

To get the best plugins please check the quality of this plugins:

  • Check the review
  • Number of downloads
  • Rating of product


If you have checked all the above quality so now you select the best plugins Install and Active. Your plugin is installed successfully.


Hope your guys understand the whole concept if any query you comment below. Please comment if you like my article.

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