A Beginner’s Guide To AB Testing in Digital Marketing

Ad writing and A/B testing

Ad writing has become very complicated since Google introduced quality score for ads. There are several determinants of quality score, but the most prominent is the use of keywords in ad copies. There is no use in getting your ad to rank 1st in google, people have to click it and move to your website for anyone to benefit. You have to induce a clear Call to action within the word limit and be clear with your keywords at the same time. Use punctuation marks where ever necessary to get your point across. Include numbers and make the text readable so that at least a 9th grader would understand it.

A/B testing in AdWords has never been so popular as in email marketing or any other genres. A/B testing is never used to its full extent in AdWords. Mastering it can make a difference between you and your competition. AdWords Campaign Experiments can be used effectively for A/B testing and it helps to change three important variables for ads; keywords, bids, and ad groups. You can experiment and monitor performance and select the best ad that suits your needs.


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