How to use Instagram to generate leads for affiliate marketing / online business

Did you want generation a lot of leads on Instagram?


When you need to compare with other social networks with Instagram, you may know that, there’s huge difference between the social media network.


Especially once you study the trends and appearance at the numbers, could be a clear truth that Instagram doesn’t have large numbers compared to other social media network.


Like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, it’s large plate form to invest lit bit amount and generate huge leads.


Nowadays Instagram has wide reach.


When Instagram came into existence, many folks suppose that Instagram was simply a platform for celebrities and hipsters sharing selfies and footage alone.


But currently, Instagram could be a platform for business homeowners everywhere the globe.


Here are few tips to grow your online business:-


Instagram is that the best place straight away to induce your business seen and to induce higher engagement.


One of the individuality concerning Instagram is that, it’s an improbable platform to drive higher quality web traffic and generate leads and sales for your business.


Instagram still sees higher engagement and better conversion than Facebook and Twitter


Am glad to let you know there are so many small businesses that are having amazing success using Instagram.


I’ve seen it with businesses varies from ecommerce and physical merchandise to service businesses.


According to Forrester Instagram is that the best place straight away to induce your business seen and to induce higher engagement.


You may be asking, however am i able to create it work so I will have sensible results with Instagram.


The only thanks to succeed that’s to line up a platform that works.


Well, am going to show you the process that make it works, the combination of these process will enable you to have great success.


I’m going to talk you through the steps to post on Instagram to generate huge leads.


1. Use Live Video

According to SocialMediaExaminer, Instagram has live video capabilities on its platform. exploitation live video is that the best way to generate leads on Instagram.


The urgency of live video makes it the right vehicle for obtaining and making potential leads.


Learn how to use it, so you’ll attract a lot of people and generate a lot of leads.


You can use it for product demonstrations and products announcement.


2. Create a good In-Image CTAs

Instagram may be a visual platform.


Believe me, no one is interest in your eye caption text, pretty much as good because it is.


You want to capture individuals attention then make unique and meaningful images. Image sound tell regarding your business.


3. Do a market research about your audience

Once you’ve done your direct marketing research regarding your audience and wherever they’re hanging out on Instagram.


After you’ve finished your analysis, search for an improved arrange on the way to interact your audience.


For a lot of about market research, this will make you to grow your audience on Instagram.


Anything you’re doing on social network, you want to have a target, and lots of individuals believed that’s a social network and that they forget to realize their goal.


You must be up and doing to realize your desire goal.


I don’t like spending all day daily on Instagram, however that wouldn’t be a decent issue for my business.


You must learn how to get the most out of the time you spend on Instagram.


4. Run contests

Instagram is very good in running contests. once your goal is to drive leads through the conversion method, then run a contest.


Tell your followers to share your post and tag an exponent thereto.


Tell your followers to upload their own content for an opportunity to win an award, you get access to content that may be used at a later date.


By doing that you simply area unit gaining exposure to your whole, could be a fast thanks to functioning on free advertising.


5. Run a campaign

To set up a campaign on Instagram ads isn’t tough. What you need is time.


Almost a similar factor with Facebook campaign.


Select Lead Generation as your goal.


After that, set your placement on Instagram. You’ll see the choices for Facebook still, however confirm you check Instagram.


Then set up your budget and take care to pick out leads within the “Optimization for Ad Delivery feed.”


Choose ad format. betting on your campaign, opt for however you’d like your ad to appear. It can be single image, carousel or single video ad.


Create your ad text. Inform your audience what they’ll expect in exchange for his or her contact data.


Say you were making an advertisement for your business.


Through this method you may generate leads by giving curated weekly provide concerning your business.


You just create a lead generation type that works on Instagram.


Then people will start signing up, they’ll see a thank you page. Don’t neglect this aspect put your website link.


If someone is interested in your business or whatsoever thing you are offering so that they may want to know more about it by clicking on your website.


Use this opportunity to drive individuals to your web site.


Now you’ve seen however simple it’s to form a lead generation ad on Instagram, currently go and observe it.


6. Be Strategic With Posting Content

You may wish to raise once is that the best time to post on Instagram?


Well, there’s a solution for that. each social network has the time of posting so as to get traffic.


Best time to post on social media.


when to post, you’re likely to get a lot of exposure if you post before or once normal work hours in your market.


People are much more likely to see content when you post at the right time. I would like you to give your attention and focus to Instagram.

How to generate lead for affiliate marketing by Instagram?

Do you know CPA is the second power of affiliate marketers after amazon affiliate marketing?

What is CPA?

CPA Stand for (COST PER ACTION) for example I bought a new sofa set and my home is at the 4th floor I need somebody to take my sofa to 4th floor I will pay per sofa you take at 4th floor. My price is $10 per sofa you take at 4th floor so I have total 10 sofa sets 10 X 10 = $100 you will earn.
This is an example for CPA (Cost Per Action) like somebody gives you something and you do it as much time he said and you earn commissions for each action.

Now we talk about Instagram.

Instagram is third largest social media after Facebook and Twitter, however Instagram solely permits you to place your photos and outline solely they don’t enable you to place links at posts thus we tend to point out it below.

Are you able to earn your 1st commission from CPA + Instagram?

But before the beginning, you would like to possess associate account of CPA networks


Maxbounty (I am presently using it)

Commission junction


Any you’ll use

If you with success get associate account of CPA Network thus this course is for you.

So Lets begin.

First, you would like to log in to your CPA network like maxbounty, commission junction etc.

Find the simplest supply that you’re thinking that you’ll certain pair, If there’s a suggestion for all countries this may be higher probability to earn cash if countries primarily based still an opportunity however have to be compelled to do toil.

I like you to use the only email submit and form submit offers don’t go for sales offer these offers are very taught and take an excessive amount of time to earn commissions.

Find any simple email and form submit offer check their default pages, are they safe? can folks such as you or not?

I recommend better to contact your maxbounty manager for trending offers he already knew that that offers are presently CPA marketers promoting, I continually raise with manager weekly offers.

I suggest you begin with “Win Prize” offers to be told.

For example

If you discover Win iPhone X simply filling type go for it.

After the select offer, you don’t need to build a landing page or website just copy offer affiliate link and add link shortener. I know mostly link shortener not accept max bounty links you need to keep searching a good link shortener some are accepting it. After you found the best offer and link shortener accepted max bounty Now go to Instagram and register there.

Be sure you utilize name same as your supply name like supply name is “” and your supply is registered and acquire free rides within the automobile. thus you set the Instagram name as town automobile FRG. Add country still thus you simply target country. Username citylimoGermany789, add numbers are needed at Instagram username thus this may not hurt the owner of domain and supply. when you with successfully register Insta ensure email etc. currently visit profile add description short interesting words like. Get Your Free Ride these days at Limo and add web site as your supply shortner link and complete your profile.


Get Instant Traffic From Instagram:

There is no rocket science to drive traffic at Instagram, It very easy to get.
“””Hash Tags and Following Limo Lovers From Other Limo Pages”””
First all Insta allows you to post 100 posts per day. I prefer you to post 15–20 per day to start to save your Instagram from spamming. Be sure Instagram rules are strictly like facebook so be careful don’t do any spamming post at every 5 min after post wait 5 min. Find 15–20 best limousine pictures from Google which don’t have a watermark, I prefer you to use flicker to find images you will find copyright free images from there.

If you want helping hand to get followers in start you can buy Instagram followers from social media services provider. After you gather 15–20 images post one by one on Instagram.
add description one by one but don’t post the same description at all as I said Instagram rules are strictly so rotate description like.
Win free limo rides.
check the link at our bio
Get a Free ride in a limo for today
check the link at our bio
Free rides for limo lovers
check the link at our bio
Now after you write add max 20 hashtags at your post description
after you write “check the link at our bio” I prefer you to not to use niche or limo related hashtag use country related hashtags. You can easily generate hashtags from here simply write the country name and get country related hashtags. Insta allows you to put 20 hashtags to each post.
Post all 20 posts with 20 descriptions + hashtags
Now wait 10–20 min I am sure you will start getting likes on your posts, and limo lovers start opening your profile and click links.
also, find some similar pages on Instagram and start following their followers don’t do fast following 100 following are enough per day, this also helps you to grow up your Instagram profile.

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