Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Guide to AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Today I am gonna to talk about Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Dynamic keyword insertion automatically updates your ad with any of the keywords present in the ad group that has triggered the ad to show. This makes your ad more relevant to people who are searching.

With DKI’s you can use a single ad for multiple keywords. It is beneficial for businesses with a huge range of products like e-commerce stores. To enable dynamic keywords in your ads you need to insert a special code into the ad text. This snippet can look like this {“KeyWord”: Chocolate}. Suppose the user is searching for Chocolate Cake, if you have chocolate cake as a keyword in your ad group then the ad will trigger with the title mentioning Chocolate Cake.

Dynamic keywords are not for everyone; you must always factor in the number of keywords you want to use. If the keywords in your ad group don’t share any similarities, then the dynamic keyword won’t help you very much. Character limitations can be made to disappear with DKI’s as some users reported to have headlines exceeding the 25-character limit several times. Another important thing to keep in mind is to never use competitor keywords when making an ad copy. Some countries treat it as a violation when people display competitor keywords in their ads.

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