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Hi Dear, today in this article I am gonna to talk about how to extract email from facebook groups absolutely free to get your right audience. By doing this method you can increase your conversion rate.



When we think about Email Marketing the very first question comes in our mind which is how to get email data??


So today I am gonna solve this problem forever. You will really enjoy this.


Email Marketing plays a very important role in Digital Marketing it helps you to reach the right audience for your product which you want sale or you want to provide any kind of service.


It is the easiest way to grab email addresses of ever.


So let’s start how you can grab thousands of email addresses from your facebook group.


The very first you need to download a chrome extension. Which is known as Email Extractor.


When it is done successfully.

Then go to your facebook group which you have joined. If you have not joined any big groups before starting it you must have joined big group according to your business type.


How to join facebook group?

It is a very simple process before joining any facebook group you should check few things:-

  • Number of group members
  • Daily activity in group
  • Daily post in group
  • How admin is active

These few things are you need to check before joining any facebook group then you can apply to join a facebook group. You will instant approval for joining groups.


When this process is done then what you need to do you just simply open group from where you want to grab Email Id’s. You just need to scroll your mouse. You will see your extension will start fetching email it will be increasing gradually. Do continue scroll down until you are satisfied with data. If you done with data you can down it in notepad. Make a excel file of it and start selling your product.


I am sure after doing the process you are gonna rock in email marketing. You can sell product and you can generate lead too.


Hope you guys understand the whole concept if any query you can comment below. Please comment if you like my article.

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