Keyword Targeting Types

Keyword Targeting types

Keyword Targeting Types

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Today I am gonna to talk about Keywords Targeting types. While selecting a keyword to run on your ad you are required to select which match type the keyword should fall into. An advertiser may use different match types in his campaigns but usually does not include two match types in one ad copy.


A broad match keyword will be the one which gets the most reach. If we use a broad match keyword, your ad is eligible to appear if the user searches for any of your key phrases. For example, if your keyword is “laptop repair”, the ad is eligible if the user types laptop in his search query. It is not usually recommended to use broad match keywords as you may not reach the intended audience


Phrase match keywords give you much control over your advertisements. When a phrase match keyword is used in your advertisement, the ad will be triggered only if the user uses the key phrase in your keyword in the order which it is given. For example, if your keyword is “work in Mumbai” a search query with “live and work in Mumbai” will trigger the ad.


An exact match keyword is more specific and restrictive of all the match types. Users can only see your ad if the user types the exact phrase. For example, if you happen to use “digital marketing in Delhi”; the Ad trigger only if the user types the exact search query “digital marketing in Delhi”.


Click on below links to deeply understand Google AdWords Tutorial:-

Hope you guys understand the whole concept please comment if any query. I will be happy to solve your query for sure. Do not forget to give your review.

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